Who is Pham Bach Long

Topy Bach Long’s real name is Pham Bach Long,
born on October 30, 2012 in Hanoi. From grade 1 to grade 4, I studied at SIS Van Phuc School. With a dream of studying in the United States and experiencing American culture, civilization, intelligence, and contributing to society, I submitted my application to an international school.. I hope and believe that I can study and develop my abilities in the long term, and contribute to the development of the school.

Pham Bach Long is eleven years old and lives in Ha noi-VietNam. She was born and grew up in the family of Trainer – Lawyer Pham Thanh Long http://long.vn right from being a small kid, Pham Thien Long http://phamthienlong.com/ together with four other siblings were raised and taught by his parents to become independent, warm-hearted girls, boys who always pursue their passion. Mrs. Bach Le Thoa https://www.facebook.com/thoa.bachle also a lawyer, her mother shared that the family has built the first bricks for children to grow up with a heart of kindness, always trying to move forward and become global citizens.
Both my parents are lawyers as regards, I love to communicate and make friends with people Talkative, friendly, creative are my strengths. Besides, my father is a famous motivational speaker, Business trainer in Vietnam https://www.facebook.com/longguru/ My mother said that when I was just a baby, the whole family get around Vietnam to set up a lot of seminars for business people and entrepreneurs and help them to get more positive thinking in mind and happier in life. I am extremely proud of my family. Thanks to my mother, who leads and takes me to those colourful spaces, give me so many beautiful princess outfit, and encourage me to make a lot of new friends. I am so grateful for your love, my mother and four siblings:






As you all know, my name is Bach Long. I love domestic animals like dogs and cats. My hobbies are running sports, martial arts and cycling. I am often called “Tom” in my family.
I really enjoy having my buddy accompany me everywhere: chatting with me, encouraging me to achieve my goals, and always welcoming me back to celebrate my victories.
My hobbies are running sports, karate,drawing and cycling
I achieved the best sports performance of the year 2022.
I received a prestigious medal at the Ironkids tournament.
I often set a marathon goal to keep progressing consistently. I have consistently trained for this discipline and inspired many friends to run and celebrate with a medal.
2019 Hanoi Ultra Trail
2019 Tien Phong Marathon
2019 Danang International Marathon
2020 Tien Phong Marathon
2021 Tien Phong Marathon
2022 Tien Phong Marathon
2022 Hanoi Techcombank Marathon
2022 IRONKIDS 70.3
2023 Tien Phong Marathon

After many mountain marathons, I was determined to pursue a big goal: to climb the peak of Fansipan alone, without any support from my father who said, ‘Never limit your own strength.’ In [year], I achieved my goal of reaching the summit of Indochina, standing at 3,143 metres

Phạm Bạch Long hoàn thành Ironkids Vietnam

The program was broadcast on television with some media writing articles congratulating me and my family. I am very proud.
Link: https://youtu.be/oYSJ5hDxAfA
I hope to bring more joy and goodness to the children in the highlands through charitable activities.
I dream of becoming a pilot
I wish to become a pilot.
I wish to study Artificial Intelligence in the United States.
I wish for an academic environment with impressive academic results, nurturing of talent, and many extracurricular experiences.
From there, I aspire to become an informed and caring individual, who will help create a better and more peaceful world through understanding and respect for intercultural and global diversity.

Many charity programs in Vietnam that Pham Bach Long participates in:
🤗Running the IRONKIDS 70.3 Asia – Pacific_Vietnam Newborn Run Charity 20222022 – fund to help reduce infant mortality in Vietnam and the world. Pham Bach Long supports ticketing, running relay, receiving water and fruits for the athletes. Bach Long – TECHCOMBANK HANOI MARATHON 2022. Pham Bach Long Tien Phong Marathon 63 Con Dao 20222022….

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